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It’s difficult to find curtains in Israel that are both stylish and practical. Most curtain companies in Israel supply standard white or cream-colored curtains with very little choice of fabrics and designs. They are effectively used for privacy rather than adding character to a home. Amazing Drapes’ extensive collections provide choices that ensure your privacy comes with both style and beauty. 

Amazing Curtains from Ashley Wilde, exclusive to Amazing Drapes Israel

Do you associate curtains with colder, darker climates than Israel’s? Drawing the curtains on rainy, winter nights and snuggling up while the wind rattles the windows? Think again! You may have moved to Israel with our mild winters, but beautiful curtains from Amazing Drapes can add style and flair to your home throughout the year.

As an expert in the business, Amazing Drapes CEO, Joe Stepsky believes that “Curtains can change a whole room. A room with curtains is a different room altogether”. And he should know with nearly 60 years in the business!

Amazing Drapes curtains can totally transform the ambiance of any room in your house. They can reflect your personality and taste with the exciting ranges including thousands of fabrics not available from other curtain companies in Israel. Choose curtains from the Azalea collection to introduce a “country” feel to your room, or try the Bowden collection to introduce a more sophisticated contemporary look. The choices are endless!

Curtains can transform your room in a style that reflects your taste, and a fabulous range of matching soft furnishings and accessories are also available from Amazing Drapes to complement your choice of curtains. If you are redecorating your home, consider matching sofa cushions, scatter cushions and throws to enhance the vibe of the room. For a striking vibe go for contrasting colors, patterns and textures that will catch the eye. If your taste is more conservative go for the subtle matching collections. No other company in Israel can offer such a range of accessories and options.

We know that sometimes in Israel it’s not easy to get individual attention from companies. The small details are often overlooked in a rush to complete the work. Amazing Drapes focuses on those small details to make sure the final product is stunning. Custom-made pelmets add that luxurious touch and conceal the curtain mechanisms for a truly sleek finish.

Amazing Drapes is the go-to company for curtains in Israel with a unique fusion of Israeli practicality and overseas flair.  Explore the endless possibilities of changing the feel of your home and adding the “Wow!” factor that will impress your guests!

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