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Joe Stepsky, director and founder of Amazing Drapes, has been serving customers and helping them select just the right curtains for almost 60 years, bringing European style into Israeli homes.

Amazing Drapes Joe Stepsky

Joe’s father owned a domestic textile shop in London and at 17-years-old Joe began going to local markets to sell curtain fabrics. From there he slowly expanded to owning four successful retails shops, teaming up with top curtain manufacturers to provide quality curtains and blinds to high-end customers throughout London.

Joe moved to Israel in 2006 intending to retire. Looking for curtains for his own apartment, he soon realized that there was a poor selection of fabrics in Israel, and little or no service culture. He teamed up with international suppliers Ashley Wilde and Illumin8 to become their exclusive distributor of custom-made curtains and blinds in Israel. Working with these two brands, renowned for their design, style and custom manufacturing quality, Joe combines the best of both worlds. After 15 years of living and working in Israel, he can offer his clients a broad range of fabrics with refined European flair, while taking into consideration the practical aspects of creating suitable window treatments for homes in Israel.

Joe Stepsky believes in old-fashioned customer service. He takes the time to give each of his English-speaking customers in Israel the standard of service they were used to back home! Starting with an initial phone call, then a home visit and a personal consultation, he tries to understand his customers’ needs and what they are looking for to furnish their home in Israel. His team of experts measures each window, and return a few weeks later to install the finished window treatments. They even provide after-sales service if anything goes wrong. Joe knows that the right curtains and blinds, correctly designed and fitted, will bring his customers years of enjoyment.

As a people person, Joe Stepsky gets a sense of satisfaction from working with all of his customers, both individual home owners and professional interior designers. He uses his years of experience to offer the right selection of fabrics and window treatment designs to suit every home that h

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