//Why I Love Working with Amazing Drapes
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Why I Love Working with Amazing Drapes

By Tomer Peretz

“I’m an interior designer in Israel, and when it comes to window treatments, I like to call on Joe Stepsky at Amazing Drapes.  Amazing Drapes has the best quality curtains and blinds; their range is excellent, and their prices are reasonable.  In short, Joe is one of the best in the business!”

Giving Personal Attention

“I like working with Amazing Drapes because Joe Stepsky gives his complete attention to his clients. Joe meets me at the client’s house and always has a good sense of what will suit the client’s home and style. Together with the client, Joe and I discuss which window treatments would suit specific windows and rooms, whether they should fit Venetian blinds or roller blinds, or if drapes would work best. Joe gets a feel for the client’s taste and knows what kind of fabric, designs and colors to recommend.”

Great Quality

“I also enjoy working with Joe because he provides quality products. His curtains, custom-made and shipped from Europe, are the best around.  The draperies are made of high quality fabrics, with top-notch finishing and easy-to-use mechanisms. This is extremely important to me and to my clients.”

Professional and Responsive Service

“Joe is always very professional and responsive.  He doesn’t leave me or the clients waiting; rather, he responds right away to requests and delivers the finished goods within three or four weeks. During his visits to our clients, Joe and his team of experts measure each window individually, rather than relying on measurements provided by other people. I also like that Joe takes responsibility and provides after-sales service, if anything goes wrong (it’s unlikely, but it happens occasionally).”

Reasonable Price Range

“As an interior designer, I’m very familiar with the price range for window treatments.  Amazing Drapes charges reasonable prices for high quality work. Although Amazing Drapes carries some expensive window treatments, it also has reasonable solutions for every budget.

I highly recommend working with Joe Stepsky and Amazing Drapes.  If you’re an interior designer in Israel, you should contact Joe Stepsky at Amazing Drapes to have him work with you on your next project!”